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Harrison Smith calls being a captain for the first time “cool”

Safety Harrison Smith is in his ninth season in Minnesota. He’s made the Pro Bowl the past five seasons and earned All-Pro honors in 2017. The only thing Smith hadn’t

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Improving immunity through exercise – new advice on lowering infection impact

New advice to help healthcare professionals promote exercise as a way of improving immunity has been launched by medical experts and exercise scientists. The aim is to guide GPs, nurses

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U.S. Justice Department indicts six with conspiracy to pay bribes to Amazon employees

The U.S. Justice Department said on Friday six people have been indicted by a grand jury in Washington state with conspiring to pay commercial bribes to employees and contractors of

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New EU legislation set to force Apple to share access to NFC tech

Apple has long been criticized for locking down NFC functionality and restricting it to Apple Pay, which is seen as an anticompetitive move that keeps competitors at bay. The EU

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Confusion as vandals cover swings in children’s playground with baked beans

Vandals have covered equipment in a children’s playground with baked beans in a move that has angered or amused people. Parents arriving at the play park in Swanwick, Hampshire, found

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